The power of X-kit Achieve Mobile in your learners pockets

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4th November 2016
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The power of X-kit Achieve Mobile in your learners pockets

PearsonTeachers: You may have already used the X-kit Achieve study resources in your classroom, but did you know that Pearson has released a new, mobile-friendly study resource? You and your learners can download and use the app on an Android device or simply visit the mobi site.

Here’s what a teacher recently had to say about X-kit Achieve Mobile on SchoolAdvisor:

“X-kit is a student’s dream and a very useful revision tool.” She even went as far as labelling the review title: ‘X-rated!’
Seeing that review, we decided to dig in deeper to find out what X-kit Achieve Mobile has to offer.


X-kit Achieve Mobile is an on-the-go revision tool. Learners can use the app or mobi site as a practice tool to revise content and prepare for exams anywhere, anytime. The Android version offers all the same features as the website, which includes: levelled quizzes, essential theory, helpful hints and worked solutions – all developed according to cognitive levels as per CAPS and the National Exam Guidelines.
An additional and crucial feature of the Android app is the ability to work offline, which was a constant request from current X-kit Achieve Mobile users.

For Learners

We all know how addicted teenagers are to their cellphones. It’s the first thing they look at when they wake up and most probably the last thing they look at before falling asleep. All this attention they give to their phones can be a major distraction to their studies.
This is why X-kit Mobile fits in so well. Learners can access learning material right from their phones. They can revise the theory of each subject and do quizzes to test their knowledge. All of this is great preparation for upcoming exams.

Learners can register individually from either or the app and receive a free topic per subject which gives them access to levelled quizzes within the free topic. Thereafter, for only R5 deductible from airtime, learners can unlock more topics in a subject and have access to more quizzes, essential theory, and features that will encourage learning.

The following subjects are currently available:

Mathematics Grade 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Accounting Grade 12
Natural Sciences Grade 8
Life Sciences Grade 11, 12
English Grade 8, 9, 12
IsiZulu Home Language Grade 12
Physical Sciences Grade 11, 12
Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal Grade 12
Afrikaans Huistaal Grade 12
IsiXhosa Home Language Grade 12

Learners progress through difficulty levels as they move towards ‘master’ status. They will receive achievement badges as they progress which they can brag about on Facebook and Twitter. There is even a leaderboard, where learners can compete against their classmates.

Summary of the features X-kit Achieve Mobile offers learners:

  • Get access to levelled quizzes per topic
  • Receive helpful hints and worked solutions, plus essential theory
  • Collect badges
  • Compete against their friends on a leaderboard

For the teacher

Firstly, download it now or visit the mobi site to get an idea of how it works. By getting an idea of how it works, you will immediately know how your learners will benefit from it. It is not only a powerful revision tool for learners, but a great reference tool for you as a teacher.

Take note: schools can now purchase X-kit Achieve Mobile for a class. Learners will have access to all the levelled quizzes per topic and other great features. Teachers can also use it to provide learners with additional support and exam preparation beyond the classroom.
We talk about this more in a second article. But, for now, here are some of the highlights of using X-kit Achieve

Mobile for your class:

  • Set additional assignments for homework
  • Check if assignments were completed
  • View individual learner scores and reports
  • View overall progress of the class to inform classroom teaching

We, at SchoolAdvisor, think that this tool can be a real game changer for schools. The fact that learners can pop their phones out and test their knowledge on various subjects for only R5 a topic, is awesome. This will help prepare them for exams in an easier and more exciting way.
Are you interested in trying it out for your school?

Click here to sign up or get the Android mobile app here
Teachers, check out part two of this article where we go into more detail on how you can purchase X-kit Achieve Mobile for your whole class.

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