Investec partners with local start-up to help schools buy better

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4th November 2016
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Investec partners with local start-up to help schools buy better

Investec gets behind local education platform, SchoolAdvisor, who is making big waves in the education space by helping schools buy better.

CEO of SchoolAdvisor, Peter Morgan, says, “It is amazing to have a brand with this weight coming alongside SchoolAdvisor. School Advisor’s aim is to help schools buy better by allowing them to get multiple quotes for products and services from peer-reviewed companies. Investec’s Business Cash Solutions division make cash investing easier for schools while making sure that schools get a good ROI (return on investment). The better the returns, the more schools have to invest back into education via improved products and services. This dovetails with what SchoolAdvisor offers.”

Having officially launched in January 2016, SchoolAdvisor already boasts over 1 100 school supplier companies listed and 1850 reviews written by schools. On the SchoolAdvisor platform, schools can find, rate, and get quotes from rated school suppliers. With limited budgets, schools have to be able to get the right products and services, the first time.

Schools cannot afford to make mistakes with their limited budgets, and SchoolAdvisor allows them to make informed decisions before they buy a new product or service. They can see exactly how other schools use the product or service and read what they had to say about it.

Investec Business Cash Solutions understands the education sector, enabling them to create customised solutions to suit a school’s unique cash flow requirements. By understanding a school’s cash flow, they can structure the correct cash portfolio to enhance the overall return for the school and ensure they have funds available when needed for different products, services, salaries etc.

While schools are specialists in education, Business Cash Solutions are specialists in Cash Investments, with over 15 years of experience in the education space.

Sean Jackson, from Investec Business Cash Solutions, says ‘We have partnered with SchoolAdvisor as we believe this platform will enable schools to make better supplier decisions saving both time and money. We are looking to enhance the return on surplus cash for both schools and businesses and this platform is a perfect blend of both.”

Both Investec Business Cash Solutions and SchoolAdvisor have one further common attribute – they are both free for schools. There are no monthly fees associated with Investec’s cash investment offering, which includes instant access deposits, notice deposits, and fixed deposits. Schools can go at any time or even email their quote needs and not pay a cent for the service. SchoolAdvisor generates its revenue off suppliers paying a nominal listing fee.

To find out more, or see what Investec can do for your school’s cash investments

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