Is Your School Getting the Best Return and Service for Its Surplus Cash?

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28th February 2017
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28th March 2017
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Is Your School Getting the Best Return and Service for Its Surplus Cash?

We know how crazy the beginning of the year can be for a school when it comes to managing cash flow and planning around surplus cash. Is your school getting the service and returns it deserves from your bank?

This is why we have partnered with Investec and feel assured that they are doing their best to make cash investing easier for schools while making sure that you get a good return on investment. The better the returns, the more your school can invest back into education via improved products and services.

We asked Investec for some for info:

Q: How can Investec Business Cash Solutions help schools manage surplus funds?

A: By understanding a school’s cash flow, we can structure the correct cash portfolio to enhance the overall return for the school and ensure they have funds available when needed for salaries, projects etc.

Q: How can a school use this product in relation to their surplus cash and needing to access it at different points during the year?

A: We offer a range of flexible investment accounts offering various terms from call and notice accounts, to termed fixed deposits. Our investment accounts work in conjunction with the school’s main bank account, which ensures the right return is achieved on surplus funds. By customising each school’s portfolio, we ensure that surplus funds are available according to each school’s unique requirements.

Q: Do schools need to open another bank account?

A: A school will need to open an investment account with Investec, many schools have an Investec account in conjunction with a commercial bank account. Important to note that there are no monthly fees or charges associated with Investec’s cash investment accounts.

Fill in this form below and we will ask the Investec team to make contact with you to see if they can make your life easier. They will get one of their business cash experts to make an appointment and meet with you in order to understand your requirements and take your school through their product offering before building a bespoke quote. This does not cost you a cent, nor does having an Investec cash investment account cost the school anything.

Click here to be put in touch with a business cash expert.

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