Your School Could Be Earning Up to R12k pm For a Billboard [Updated]

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28th March 2017
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31st May 2017
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Your School Could Be Earning Up to R12k pm For a Billboard [Updated]

We posted an article not to long ago detailing how your school could earn extra income from putting up a billboard on your school grounds.
There was a lot of interest but we realized that we failed to explain what the requirements for putting up a billboard are and whether your school grounds are eligible or not.

So, to clarify, we asked Tractor Outdoor what the exact requirements are.

Q: What kind of road visibility do you need?
A: We need exposure onto a main or arterial road or in a location where traffic and visibility would justify erecting a structure.

Q: What size land do you need to erect the billboard?
A: The foundation is underground and would be 2sqm at ground level. Clearance height is 4m from the ground.

Q: How big are the billboards?
A: Maximum size is 3m x 6m per panel, only 1 double-sided structure can be erected.

Q: What kind of revenue can a school generate from billboards on their school grounds?
A: Depending on the location of the school as well as where a billboard can be positioned on the school grounds, it can generate anywhere from R4k to R12k per month for the school.

If you are interested in getting a billboard put up on your school grounds, simply click on the link below, fill in an online form and Tractor Outdoor will get back to you asap.

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