Over 7 500 Schools are Using Extramarks. This is Why We Think They Will Be One of the Biggest E-Learning Platforms in South Africa

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Over 7 500 Schools are Using Extramarks. This is Why We Think They Will Be One of the Biggest E-Learning Platforms in South Africa


One of the most comprehensive e-education service providers – Extramarks, has landed in South Africa. Some local schools are already using their CAPS-aligned e-learning solutions to create an engaging teaching-learning environment in the classrooms.

Unlike other global e-learning platforms, Extramarks, while having a global presence, have completely localised their multimedia content to the South African curriculum, context, relevance and teaching practices. Moreover, with an impressive track record in implementing digital learning solutions and achieving desired learning outcomes in schools, here are 8 reasons why we think Extramarks will be one of the biggest players in the African market.

1) Localised solutions from a global company

Extramarks offers CAPS-aligned, end-to-end digital learning solutions for teachers and learners of grades R to 12. Before you think this is just another global company trying to force their international education solutions on you, there is something that sets Extramarks apart from the rest. Instead of bringing an internationalised product with little relevance into the country, they have localised and adapted all of their e-learning material to be relevant and contextual to South African teaching and learning practices. For example, they use local currency, local names of people and places and locally relevant examples.

Extramarks is a fast-growing e-education company with over 7 500 schools already using their classroom solutions globally. Extramarks has offices in India, Singapore, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Zimbabwe and now SA. This is an incredible stat, considering that the company is only 10 years old.

2) Continuous content updates

We all know how annoying it is when textbooks and even e-books become outdated. Extramarks have addressed this issue very efficiently. With over 300 educators in their team, the educational content provided by Extramarks is updated frequently and the company has the capability to make customizations to the content on business demand, as long as it is feasible under the curriculum, pedagogical and quality control guidelines.

3) Interactive 3D lessons

Coupled with highly engaging animations, Smart Learn Modules and Virtual Lab, Extramarks offers interactive 3D lessons that can be accessed on any device. This allows the multimedia lessons to be accessed in schools as well as home. The solution adopts a game-based approach for junior learners and hierarchical, layered methodology for senior learners. The entire content is structured into Learn, Practise and Test modules to impart total learning, not half knowledge.

4) Solutions are adaptable to your individual school needs

One of the most annoying things about adopting a new e-learning solution is acquiring the hardware needed to run the solution- in other words, having to buy new devices and boards that are compatible with the e-learning software.

Although Extramarks does have hardware solutions (if needed, to enable the e-learning platforms), they have made their e-learning content compatible with the current devices that you may already have in your classrooms. They adapt their learning solutions around your hardware. Whether you have existing interactive whiteboards, or only projectors or iPads, or whether you have laptops/Chromebooks or Android-powered tablets, Extramarks’ e-education services will work on all of these devices.

5) Solutions overcome infrastructure constraints in your schools

Extramarks also offer solutions to less privileged schools. No internet access? No problem. Extramarks e-learning modules can be implemented offline from a local server set up at your school. No electricity? No problem. Extramarks hardware comes with battery-powered solutions. As the tech grows in your school, Extramarks will adapt to your currently available tech. No science labs? No problem. Extramarks solutions come with Virtual Lab that enables the learners to simulate the experiments in the classroom or at home without having access to a science lab.

6) All completed work is linked to their school management system

Extramarks have a fully integrated management system that will make admin much less of a stress on teachers. It adapts to individual school needs, meaning you can customise it to meet your school’s specific preferences, requirements and processes. Teachers can, for example, track all completed class assignments and exam/test results and export this data in an SA-SAMS-aligned reporting format. Similarly, the school administrators can track and monitor their daily school activities, the progress of learners, etc. through this platform.

7) Heads can track what is being taught in class and how individual students and teachers are doing

By making use of the built-in analytics in the Extramarks’ e-learning platform, headmasters can track what individual teachers are teaching and how well the e-learning resources are being used in the classroom. Heads also have access to classroom lessons, assignments, and reports, meaning they can easily see how individual learners are doing and monitor student progress.

8) CAPS-aligned question bank to set exam papers and Assessment Centre for managing exam processes

We know time is valuable to teachers and that setting exam papers can be a huge time-consumer. The same is true for marking the papers submitted by the learners. To make setting exam papers and marking them less of a stress on teachers, Extramarks have given teachers access to an index of 350,000 CAPS-aligned questions as part of its Assessment Centre platform.

Because the questions are stored in a dynamic database, teachers can create a test/exam paper in a matter of minutes. All they need to do is click (select) the chapters they would like to include in the paper and the questions will be added automatically. The questions have a difficulty rating, allowing teachers the flexibility to control how difficult the paper will be, as well as to add or remove the questions through drag-n-drop.

Extramarks obviously weren’t messing around when they decided to introduce their e-learning solutions to South African schools. And for the above 8 reasons, we see Extramarks as being a major player in the South African e-learning market. If you would like more info on Extramarks or would like to request a demo, simply fill in this form and Nadia from Extramarks will be in touch.

For more info, please make contact with Nadia Blignaunt at: 


or via telephone at 087 943 2522 or  011 656 6668

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