5 Documents Needed to Successfully Obtain School Fees

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5 Documents Needed to Successfully Obtain School Fees


Schools face many difficulties when trying to get parents to pay school fees. Because this a such a big issue for South African schools, debt collection experts, CeeBee Debt Management Services (Pyt) Ltd have provided us with important information on how to get parents to pay school fees. SchoolAdvisor chatted with Douglas Brake, their Managing Director, to get his input.

The importance of ensuring school fees are paid

The obvious reason for ensuring that schools fees are consistently being paid is the monetary loss to the school.

Douglas also mentions that another major negative is that parents ‘talk’. Word will quickly spread that the school is not able to obtain outstanding fees. All this talk will shine a negative light on the reputation of the school and will create a culture of non-payment.

The 5 documents needed to successfully obtain school fees

When enforcing school fee payments, you have to ensure that you have the correct documentation in place. Without these 5 documents in place, the matter cannot be by taken forward to Judgement*.

[*A judgment is an order granted by the Magistrate based on the details set out in a Summons. The judgment is applied for by the party who instituted the Summons and will remain on a debtor’s credit record for 30 years.]

To successfully obtain a Judgement the Magistrate requires the following documents:

  1. The enrolment form showing the child was enrolled.
  2. Proof that the section 41 (Final demand letter) was sent, either a signature from the parent acknowledging receipt or a registered post return slip.
  3. The annexure A in the Exemptions Regulation signed by the parent and the principal.
  4. A detailed statement of what is owing by the parent.
  5. Minutes of the AGM setting the school fees for the year concerned.

CeeBee helps over 390 schools retain R70 Million per annum

Douglas Brake has served a six-year term of office as Chairman of a large High School Governing Body. This exposure has helped him and CeeBee have a greater understanding of the school environment and has helped them understand the financial struggles that schools face and how outstanding school fees are often at the centre of these struggles.

Douglas believes his team of CeeBee experts have managed to adjust to the internal structures of schools to ensure that they have all the required documentation for obtaining school fees. Schools are unique organisations and need a unique approach.

Thanks to this unique approach, they have helped over 390 schools countywide claim back a combined total of R70 Million annually in outstanding school fees.

Looking at their reviews on SchoolAdvisor, we can see how big an impact this is having on schools:


Get in touch with CeeBee and start claiming outstanding fees

An expert team of debt collectors is clearly the answer to obtaining outstanding school fees. With CeeBee’s incredible reputation and fantastic teamwork, we have no doubt that they can help your school establish a reputation of school fees being paid on time.

We also like that they work on a MONTH TO MONTH basis with a “NO COLLECTION – NO CHARGE” policy. They provide a full range of legal services, such as issuing summons and taking judgement at no cost to their clients. They have a clear fixed fee structure with an effective rate of 16%.

Added to this is the fact that they will allocate a school a dedicated debt manager – we see this as key. As schools, you want to have a direct relationship with the person managing such a sensitive issue.

To arrange an appointment for CeeBee to do a short presentation at your school, simply contact CeeBee.

To arrange an appointment for CeeBee to do a short presentation at your school, simply contact CeeBee.

011 913-2447 (T)

0861 CB DEBT (0861 22 3328)

011 913-3998 (F)


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