Meet Rainy-Day Challenges with Internet Opportunities

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Meet Rainy-Day Challenges with Internet Opportunities

Educating at home provides many challenges, not the least of which is what to do when children are cooped up during rainy days.  With activities to engage their bodies and minds, you can provide kids with healthy outlets for their energy while enhancing learning.  Thankfully, the internet offers a host of opportunities for when the weather isn’t agreeable and children are going stir-crazy.

Burn off that energy!  One terrific option to expend excess energy is bringing up online exercise videos.  YouTube offers a wide variety, making it a little overwhelming to find something appropriate and fun. Some recommend trying Paul Eugene’s children’s workout videos, which are spiritually oriented and entertaining, or dancing to Pancake Manor’s silly but kid-friendly selections.

Enjoy self-expression!  Offering your kids a way to be creative is a wonderful tool for keeping them focused.  Why not engage them with online art lessons?  One option suggested by Our Good Family is lessons through  The reviewer notes the artwork is less expensive than paying for private art lessons and videos are easy for both adults and children to understand.  Lessons are available for a variety of ability levels and in several media choices, such as watercolors, colored pencils, and oil paints.  Another source recommended by experts is, which offers a handful of basic lessons for free, along with a wide assortment of courses for further exploration.

Embrace variety!  Adding a broad selection of topics and changing things up can help children stay engaged.  Parenting recommends these terrific options for offering your kids a wide variety of subjects:

National Geographic Kids.  Everything from the adventures of the Wright Brothers to interactive games to learning about the habits of sloths is on this fun and time-trusted source.

Funbrain.  Funbrain offers games, videos and reading lessons for children in preschool through eighth grade.

Spatulatta.  For aspiring chefs and bakers, those who enjoy helping in the kitchen, or kids who just need to learn some applicable basics, check out Spatulatta.  Children can learn everything from making pesto or fruit kabobs to creating food sculptures.

PBS Kids.  Another time-trusted source, PBS offers familiar characters in online educational opportunities.  Fun games and videos abound, offering outlets for growth and learning.

BabyTV.  This website which brings a plethora of learning opportunities oriented toward your littlest ones.  Videos, nursery rhymes, activities and games are all appropriate for the youngest learners.

Keep things relevant!  When you hit the nitty gritty and are trying to keep kids focused on more “boring” subjects, you may find your children losing enthusiasm because they feel school work doesn’t apply to “real life.”  When you reframe lessons into something relatable and tangible, it can help them embrace their work better.  Similarly, you can explain that the games and videos your kids are enjoying are put together by computer programmers who understand language and math to make them work, and the information on websites requires knowledge of grammar and the ability to structure data.  Relating lessons to life in whatever subjects they are struggling with might help them understand the importance and feel more excited about it! HomeAdvisor offer some resources on how to apply math concepts in the real world.

Rainy-day opportunities!  When children are stuck inside, finding ways to keep their energy moving in a positive direction can feel intense.  But with the many opportunities on the internet, you can keep them engaged and focused.  Use exercise videos to burn off energy, art lessons for creative outlets, and use variety to keep things interesting.  When kids lose interest because they don’t see relevance, relate subjects to real life.  Finding things your kids can do on a rainy day is challenging, but you can turn it into great opportunities!

Written by: Jenny Wise |

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