30th Oct 2018

Using Game-Based Learning to Teach Maths – A Teacher’s Perspective

Maths can be a very daunting subject for junior learners, causing them to even experience anxiety because of it. One junior school teacher, Dina Beydoun (maths subject head at Parkview Senior Primary School), has discovered how game-based learning can be used to make maths more engaging and fun. Dina has […]
30th Oct 2018

Removing the daunting task of teaching with technology in the classroom

As more and more South African schools opt to use technology in the classroom, it is vital for teachers to understand how to use it in order to teach their students effectively. If you are a teacher faced with the daunting task of teaching with technology for the first time, […]
26th Oct 2018

Teachers: Here’s What You Missed from the Google/Acer Events Held Around the Country

Acer and Google alongside Cloud Education Solutions hosted four events around the country. The events were focused on revealing all the latest from Google for Education and also featured some really cool Acer Chromebooks. With the events being in school time, we know a lot of schools were interested in […]
20th Oct 2018

How To Help A Child With A Learning Disability Get Involved In The Arts

For many children in the U.S. who are living with a disability, it can be difficult to get involved in a new activity. They may have trouble expressing themselves or verbalizing their feelings, or they may be anxious about a change in their routine. However, the arts can be extremely […]