Training in growth mindsets

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Training in growth mindsets

When every parent looks at their child they see a bright future.They are right for a good measure.Before every child is a limitless potential to succeed.However this success is not a product of wishful thinking but a result of meticulous planning on the part of parents, schools, government and the learners themselves. This should result in learners being empowered to be autonomous and to take charge of their learning and be able to make wise decisions.

Many interventions in SA education target improving the teachers content knowledge but at iKusasa Education we are passionate about making sure that learners are receptive to quality tuition and that they are future proofed.The future of employment is changing drastically because of the internet of things driving the 4th Industrial Revolution. Coding for example has become a must have skill for millenials. It follows that employees, businesses, and training institutions have to reinvent themselves to remain relevant. We focus on the skills that will empower learners to survive VUCA times (Times of Volatility Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambuiguity )

Our training focuses on training learners on
i) self-regulation focusing on time management and goal setting
ii) grit focusing on empowering learners to have the tenacity to pursue goals even when doing so is no longer enjoyable
iii) resilience to allow learners to acquire the ability to delay gratification in pursuance of their goals
iv) growth mindsets which entails shifting mindsets of learners from thinking they can only pursue their talents to knowing that their brains are wired to learn anything through effort and deliberate practice.

The abovementioned training strategically deals with challenges that millennials are faced with every day. Due to social media and easy access to information many millenials are wired to crave instant gratification. Everything they want they get it now. This in turn poorly prepares them for real life.Our training in grit and resilience rewires their brains to adapt to challenges in real life. Coding which is a critical skill for the future demands tonnes of patience as learners learn new computer languages.

Studies have shown that learners who are trained in self regulation become more autonomous and can learn with minimal supervision. It is advantageous for schools to have self regulated learners because they will spend less time following up on unmotivated learners. Teachers will in turn spend time delivering quality tuition. On the other hand parents cannot follow up on their kids 24/7. The least they can do is empower them with skills that they will use in any situation.

Our training in growth mindsets deals with Mathematics and Science phobias prevalent in the South African education system.Many learners have fixed mindsets and believe that they are incapable of mastering Mathematics, Science and Coding concepts. The fixed mindset is partly a product of history where a black child was not viewed as capable of computing Maths and Science problems. Training in growth mindset exposes learners to how plastic the brain is and how it is able to change at a nueral level to accommodate new information.

To let your child or learner benefit from this futuristic look at education refer to the flier and contact us.

Written by Godwin Chireka

Masters of Arts in Technology and Learning Design
( Roehampton University )
Contact us at 

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