Five Awesome Online Activities to Keep Your Children Entertained and Educated

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18th January 2019
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Five Awesome Online Activities to Keep Your Children Entertained and Educated

Now that spring is here, your kids are finding the time to get outside to exercise and play, but what happens when the weather decides not to cooperate? Your parental instincts might tell you that keeping them glued to a TV or computer screen isn’t the best idea, but technology can be a great way to engage your children’s mind when put to good use. Here are five different online activities your family can try when it’s wet and stormy outside.

  1. Free Online Games

Not all video games are bad for your kids. In fact, there’s an extensive genre of games that are specifically aimed to keep your children engaged with the same subjects they learned in school. There are games that teach math, geosciences, reading, and problem-solving skills. There are even games such as Sim City that will teach your children real estate and zoning laws. A lot of these games can be found for free online, giving your child plenty of choice to stay entertained when it’s rainy outside.

  1. Homemade Science Experiments

If you’re hoping for a more “hands on” experience for your child, then you should look up different crafts or science experiments your family can try at home. For example, you can engage your little mad scientist into a rainbow magic milk experiment using household items such as food coloring, milk, cotton swabs, a baking dish, and liquid dish soap. Once your child is captivated by the exploding colors, you can use this teachable moment to explain the results.

  1. Digital Story Time

A great way to inspire your child’s creativity is by creating and sharing stories with one another. Storytelling has been shared between families for thousands of years. Being able to paint characters and scenes with your words is an invaluable skill for your child to learn and can broaden their creative horizons. With a little help from the Internet, you can find plenty of fun, engaging storytelling prompts to start building a new story together. This is the kind of activity that can continue for days, and you can carry it over for the next time it’s rainy outside.

  1. Brush Up on Math

Not every child enjoys the world of mathematics, but that doesn’t mean they should let those skills get rusty. To help your kiddo navigate the tricky world of math, teach them how it applies to the real world. Have them put together a household budget, which will show them how rent/mortgage, food, and utilities are handled every month. You can also teach them about ratios and measurements by getting them in the kitchen when it’s time to cook dinner.

  1. Stream Documentaries

Children of all ages are drawn to what’s shown on TV screens. When you take educational material and put it into an engaging form factor, it can become a powerful learning tool for your kids. Educational videos have found a solid niche on YouTube channels and other sites all across the web. You can even stream entire full-length professionally made documentaries for free that discuss several topics such as science and history. Thanks to the Internet, no subject is out of reach for your child to learn.

Technology isn’t all that bad for kids. Of course, when giving your children free reign with your tablets and computers, it’s important to take frequent breaks so they won’t strain their eyes. Nonetheless, pointing your kids to educationally engaging sites and games can foster their learning and creativity and really make the most out of a rainy day.


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