3 Cybersecurity Threats South African Schools Need to Know

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3 Cybersecurity Threats South African Schools Need to Know

Technology is transforming the learning experience at an unprecedented rate. Educators are bringing new tools into the classroom to improve learning, while administrators are finding innovative ways to optimize and drive efficiencies.

SchoolAdvisor chatted to Ashley Lawrence from SonicWall who highlighted three major cyber threats that could expose your school to new risks. Keep reading to gain insight into these cyber risks and discover how you can protect your students and your confidential data.

What are the three biggest cyber threats?

Cyber Threat No. 1: Cyberattacks

Schools, like businesses, are in constant danger of cyberattacks, including malware, ransomware, encrypted threats and email phishing attacks.

Email is the most common threat vector used by cybercriminals today, so having an email security solution in place is key for schools. A breach of any kind can put a school’s network and data at significant risk and cause significant operational issues.

Cyber Threat No. 2: Inappropriate Content

Safeguarding access to content is not a new issue for schools, but the demands of keeping children and young people safe have grown significantly over the last 10 years.

The growth in the use of the internet and widespread access to social media means that all children are now vulnerable to inappropriate and illegal online content.

Schools have a responsibility to protect students from inappropriate and harmful web content, so web-filtering and monitoring are now a must-have for schools.

Cyber Threat No. 3: IoT Attacks

Internet of Things (IoT) devices include school-owned equipment, such as Smart-Boards and security cameras. It also includes other devices that may be owned by students or teachers, such as watches or cloud-based voice service devices.

These devices often lack security and are open to attacks and, therefore, require their own security solution, such as Cloud Application Security (CAS).

 How does a school know they are at risk of a cyberattack?

All schools are at risk unless they have a multi-layered security system that protects all their internet-based applications, networks, devices and management systems.

Eager to secure your school’s networks and online systems from these three risks?

Knowing now that your school is probably vulnerable to cyberthreats, maybe it’s time to contact the experts and protect your school from the many dangerous cyberattacks. If you’d like to connect with the SonicWall you can view their listing on SchoolAdvisor https://www.schooladvisor.co.za/SonicWall

SonicWall provides a robust, multi-layered security ecosystem that secures both wired and wireless school networks, endpoints, cloud applications and email systems.

A SonicWall security audit will help schools identify the gaps they have in their network security and provide a holistic end-to-end solution to ensure their students, data and networks are all protected.

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