1,600 Suppliers – 2,800 Reviews. Now Meet the Top-Rated Company on SchoolAdvisor: My Cyberwall

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1,600 Suppliers – 2,800 Reviews. Now Meet the Top-Rated Company on SchoolAdvisor: My Cyberwall

To date, over 1,600 companies are listed on SchoolAdvisor and over 2,800 reviews have been submitted by schools around the country. So, being the top-rated company is quite a big deal. With that said, SchoolAdvisor is pleased to announce that the current top-rated supplier on SchoolAdvisor with 47 excellent reviews is My Cyberwall.

Their easy-to-use e-learning platform allows for learners to work online and for teachers to set and mark homework and classwork in a paperless environment. To help understand why schools love them so much, SchoolAdvisor chats with Angela Allan of My Cyberwall.

Q1: What do you think made you the top-rated supplier on SchoolAdvisor?

A: We think our success is largely due to our uniquely South African product combined with excellent customer service, support, and ongoing teacher training. Since SchoolAdvisor allows for only school staff members to submit reviews, it shows how much teachers love using our platform. 

Q2: What exactly does My Cyberwall do?

A: My Cyberwall provides an e-learning platform for teachers and learners in grades 4, 5, 6 and 7. The content is CAPS aligned and covers all core subjects with thousands of interactive exercises, links, and videos. All the content is printable for schools that do not have tablets for the learners to work on. So, our solution is flexible enough to meet the needs of both high-tech and not so high-tech schools. 

Where we have begun to monitor impact, we see an increase of up to 20% in exam results in a short space of time. 

Q3: What is the biggest pain point you help relieve schools of? 

A: The biggest pain point we help relieve must be the amount of time we save teachers. By having top quality resources at their fingertips as well as auto-marked activities in all subjects, teachers can save hours of prep and marking time on a weekly basis.

We also allow teachers in schools who have a license to copy and paste our content into their own worksheets, allowing for a creative and individual touch.

Q4: This review proves that learners love using your program. How do they use it?

A: Learners use My Cyberwall (MCW) in different ways, again, depending on the level of technology they have access to. For those with an internet connection at home, they use MCW for revision as well as for homework. 

In environments with limited or no internet connection, schools get creative and print worksheets for learners to take home. Parents love to be involved and know what their children are doing at school.

At school, if learners have access to tablets or PC’s, they can work independently on MCW under the guidance of their teacher. Alternatively, the teacher can set work for them to complete in class. The learners engage in the content by not just reading but also by taking notes, doing mind maps, completing exercises, watching videos and accessing third party links. 

Q5: How do you support schools using your software?

A: We have a dedicated support team on hand to deal with any technical queries, but these tend to be very minor. Apart from the initial training, we offer ongoing training and support. This includes group sessions, one on one coaching, as well as informal staff room ‘coffee and catch-ups’. Our excellent support helps us to build a great relationship with our users.

Q6: Why do you think e-learning is important for schools?

A: E-learning is not just a trend but a real solution to many of the problems we face when educating our children. It can save a great deal of money on textbooks and, if the e-learning platform is interactive, it enables the learner to be more engaged while learning. 

Content can be accessed outside of the classroom with e-learning and learners can progress at their own pace. Learners can learn more in a short space of time

E-learning helps learners (and teachers) develop 21st-century skills and can create a paperless environment in the future. As President Ramaphosa stated, all children will use a tablet at school in the next 5 years. So, e-learning is the future of education. 

My Cyberwall will be continuously improving our offering by listening to feedback from our users and incorporating their ideas. We constantly update and add content as well as add new functionality to keep our solution ahead of the game.

Q7: How do you compete with other products and services in your field?

Many of our clients use Google Classroom in conjunction with My Cyberwall. Although, some have moved away from Google Classroom and are only using MCW due to the ease of use and visual appeal of our platform (especially for learners). 

We have recently added new functionality to our platform called the ‘Exercise Builder’. The Exercise Builder is similar to Google Forms but offers a greater variety of activity types. These include crosswords, word searches, drag and drops, missing words, as well as the standard paragraph, short text, multiple-choice, hidden answer, and true or false.

As an e-learning platform, we differ a lot from ebooks suppliers. All of our material is printable and text and pictures can be copied and pasted. Learners can engage in the material by completing interactive exercises and watching appropriate video material.

Our pricing is also very competitive and integrated as all core subjects for the senior primary phase are available on the platform. So none have to be purchased separately. 

SchoolAdvisor loved finding out why our top-rated supplier is their top-rated supplier. Join over 70 schools currently using the My Cyberwall platform by contacting Angela (angela@mycyberwall.co.za) or Estelle (estelle@mycyberwall.co.za)

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