Live Stream: Monday Meets and Thursday Takeaways

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23rd July 2020
BusinessTech - Government to introduce coding and robotics in Grades R-3
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18th September 2020
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Live Stream: Monday Meets and Thursday Takeaways

Live Stream - Monday Meets & Thursday Takeaways
Blended Learning Unlocked (Open or Closed) 
Thanks for taking the time to open this email during this extremely challenging season in education and society in general as we begin to fully appreciate the extent of the Coronavirus Pandemic and the implications for schools, teachers, learners and their families. 

We know that you are dealing with a lot on a daily basis and want to remind you of our pledge to support schools and school communities through this most challenging season. In this context, we would like to share some important updates with you, and have included lots of screenshots, so that you can see exactly what we would like to convey.

Monday Meets and Thursday Takeaways
On Monday and Thursday afternoons you get to join us for ONE of our weekly LIVE STREAM events via the AMAZING SchoolCoding Google Classroom. Due to the opening and closing of schools, and our new LIVE STREAM of the meetings, here are the revised fixed weekly LIVE STREAM events: 

1. Grades 4-7 @ 3-3:30 PM ~ Join with Meet // Advanced
2. Grade R-9 @ 4-4:30 PM ~ Join with Meet // Intermediate 

3. Grades R-9 // 4-4:30 PM ~ Join with Meet // Beginners 

Guests are also welcome so pop in and see what we are up to with Coding lessons every week. 

These are optional, so don’t stress if you is unable to make it. You are welcome to watch the video recordings of the meeting afterwards. We look forward to seeing you in ONE of the Live Stream every week.

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SchoolCoding Google Classroom on 10 Jun 2020-1

No Extra-murals? Join our Online Coding Club  
SchoolCoding now offers a self-guided Online Coding Club. Children who have enrolled are enjoying engaging, interactive challenges, puzzles that are teaching them to code. 

Today, computers are involved in almost all aspects of our lives, from communications and education to social media, banking, information, security and shopping. If learners are taught biology and mathematics in order to understand the world around them, then knowing the basics of how computers communicate and how to engage with them should be a given.

Learning to code prepares kids for the world we live in today. Various age-appropriate and experience-based classes are available for students in Grade R to 9, ranging from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels.   


Ella-full-e1589799286448Cindy G. – Rondebosch Preparatory
SA SchoolCoding provides a superb Coding curriculum, designed by an educator – not a software developer or entrepreneur with no classroom experience or pedagogical knowledge. The program is also built on years of experience and is not a new Coding curriculum in its infant stages.   

Betty-full-e1589799454905Aneen E. – Welgemoed Primary
Hi Mauritz!!  Joshua gaan VERSEKER aan met klas!!! Hy love love love die werk ….en vir jou!!  Baie dankie vir al die omgee en harde werk hierdie kwartaal.   

Matt-full-red-e1589799226367Martin A. – Pinelands North Primary
Working with Mauritz Kotzé and getting the support from him is amazing. Lesson plans are easily accessible and easy to learn from. This allows for teaching coding lessons and seeing the growth of the pupils. Scratch, Python and HTML coding games and teaching are fun.

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Introducing the Flipped Classroom
Source: University of Texas – Faculty Innovation Centre

We have also included some ideas on how to structure and present courses using the ‘ Flipped Classroom‘ model of instruction, which emphasized self-guided learning, with minimal input and facilitation by educators, rather than meeting intensive lessons, which consume teacher and student time, energy and attention. 

This seems to be working well for our Online Coding Club, and now that schools are reopening, we would like to extend the benefits of our hard work and steep learning curve over the last few months to our school partners, so that you can enjoy a well designed, comprehensive set of coding classes that are age-appropriate, presented according to learners level of experience. 

By capitalizing on the numerous practical benefits of the flipped classroom and a blended approach to learning, we enable learners to progress more effectively through the course, giving them more time to practiceexperiment and master the concepts that they would usually only be exposed to for an hour a week, or less, since social distancing requirements imposed by the state have reduced most students access to computers by 50%, so that some students only receive 30 mins on a computer every second week! 

How on earth do we expect learners to master Computer Science, Coding or Robotics at this snail’s pace?

SchoolCoding lessons inside your LMS

We have created a series of Microsoft Teams tutorials and an orientation to our Google Classroom to ensure that your coding teachers are fully prepared and equipped to facilitate our lessons, simply, easily and practically, whether students are in class at school or learning remotely from home, no matter whether schools are open or closed.SchoolCoding - Google Classroom Showcase
SchoolCoding lessons in your Google Classroom
While schools were closed, we create a blended learning solution specially for South African schools.SchoolCoding Google Classes Get Started and GuidesSchoolCoding Google Classroom Class CommentsSchoolCoding Google Classroom Personalized Class Question FeedbackSchoolCoding Google Classroom Personalized Assignment Feedback

Scratch and Python lessons in your Microsoft Teams
This is how our coding classes can be embedded into your Coding class MS Team.SchoolCoding Coding Lessons in your MS TeamSchoolCoding link to download Scratch 3-0 in a MS TeamSchoolCoding link to download Scratch 2.0 in a MS TeamSchoolCoding MS Teams Scratch or Python AssignmentSchoolCoding Edpuzzle Open class in a MS Team-1SchoolCoding Edpuzzle Lessons in MS Teams-1SchoolCoding Edpuzzle Animated Sprites Lesson 1Code-org - Continue with Google to Sign In
Offline? Limited Internet? Mobile phone only?
Our lessons work on most devices, including mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets and on all operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX and Google ChromeOS (think Chromebook).

At the very least, all that is needed is a browser and an internet connection, but many of the activities can be done entirely offline, using apps that do not require a permanent internet connection (ie: less data).

Coding during the Coronavirus Pandemic
We recommend that you use the following courses for your learners;
CS Pre-reader Express (Code) [Grades R-1]
CS Fundamentals Express (Code) [Grades 2-9]
Coding with Scratch (EdPuzzle) [Grades 2-7]
Coding with Python IDLE (EdPuzzle) [Grades 4-7]
STEM Skills (Tynker) [Grades R-7]

Teacher Dashboard - Tynker

Roadmap: Where are we going with Coding?
On our Roadmap for inclusion into our classes are Trinket and TinkerCAD, amongst other engaging and interactive coding platforms. Some of these lessons work especially well for learners with limited internet access, since the bulk of the work can be done offline (eg: Scratch, Python IDLE), while others require a decent internet connection for all the activities (eg:,

Hopefully this will enable most of your learners to participate, even if they need to use another family members device to view the instructional videos. 

No lesson repeated from Grade 1 to Grade 7!
We now have enough materials available in our SchoolCoding classes to keep your learners engaged for a full year of weekly lessons online, and are actively developing this into a comprehensive K12 Coding Curriculum whereby no lesson will be repeated from Grade R to 7. This should be ready by the end of 2020. 

Most of these lessons are our own creations, that inspire critical thinkingproblem solving and our new blended-learning platform (see screenshot below) enables collaborationpeer-supportpersonalized feedback and self-paced learning.

All of these are the essential constituent qualities of 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD) that will empower the students of today to solve the challenges of tomorrow, likely in occupations that do not yet exist!

2020/21 School Promo
Make a commitment to use our In-school Program in 2021 and we will provide GRATIS training and support for Microsoft Teams and/or Google Classroom, to facilitate blended learning, for the remainder of 2020.Online Coding ClubLearn how to code in Scratch and/or Python, within a secure, private Google Classroom supervised by our professional coding coaches. 

Enroll in our Online Coding Club to access all of SchoolCoding’s tutorialslessonsprojects and interactiveengaging challenges that encourage critical thinkingproblem solvingcreativity, collaboration and care for one another.
Find out more about Online Coding Clubs

Teacher Training
SchoolCoding has decided to support and equip customers with the knowledge, training and support to make use of existing technology such as Microsoft Office 365 for Education, including Teams and Google Education including Google Classroom. Train and equip your education team to effectively deliver remote work, blended learning for each and every student.  Find out more about Training

SchoolCoding Banner 
Digital Literacy Skills (Teacher Training Class)
SchoolCoding Digital Literacy Skills (Teacher Training) class-1

In order to support schools who use the SchoolCoding curriculum, we have setup a Digital Literacy Skills (Teacher Training) class with student role access to all of our online materials, incl. the SchoolCoding Lesson Plans

This is hosted in our Google Classroom, so we have created a unique account for you to use, which may be good place to start to explore what we have to offer, in this post-lockdown ‘new normal’ way of education. We have come up with a blended learning solution that we hope to enable you to use to supply our lessons to your students, with as little effort and fuss as possible.
SchoolCoding Google Classroom Join a ClassSchoolCoding Open Invitation to TeachersTo ‘ Join the Class‘ sign into (any Google account will do), then simply click on the ‘ +‘ button (top right corner, as shown above) and enter this class code: 3frbf6x

Once you have enrolled into the Digital Literacy Skills (Teacher Training) class, go to Classwork (top menu) and review the topics (left menu). Get Started and Guides, which will help you understand how to use our new SchoolCoding Google Classroom, which may be unfamiliar at first, but follows the standard Google Classroom layout, with newer topics at the top, and older content at the bottom. 

You will see sample lessons that we could share with your learners, in such a way that they could access them by joining a school-specific set of class(es) that we share with you via a Class Code, thanks to Google’s clever architecture. On this basis, your coding subject teacher(s) would be responsible for presenting and managing the class, using the topics, lessons and assignments that we have already created for you.
Sign into Digital Literacy Skills (Teacher Training) class

Have we convinced you yet?
With only a day’s setup and one training session with your IT Teacher(s), we can deploy our lessons so that your students can access them in the classroom and/or at home, with limited support required by you, who will be able to facilitate the class easily, confidently and with the peace of mind that comes from proactive preparation and diligent planning. 

Please reply to this email if you would like to know more, or complete this support request, providing us with as much information about your situation as possible, such as whether your students have access to devices, internet, lessons etc. Thank you and strength to you as you endure the challenges of this season!
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A Saturday in the life of SchoolCoding…
All scheduled assignments have automatically been posted correctly in various classes. Students are doing lessons and submitting work. Teachers are enjoying a well deserved rest. Can it really be a Saturday in the life of SchoolCoding learners? 

Talk to about transforming your school and/or extra-mural activities into a sustainable remote work and distance learning platform to whether the rest of 2020 and beyond.

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We are Google Certified Educators, Microsoft Certified Educators, & Microsoft Innovation ExpertsClick on the badges below to verify our credentials.Any questions?

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