New Coding Courses launch Nov 2020

Shuters Top Class Digital Skills Grades R-3 now available)
Digital Skills Student Workbooks have landed!
2nd November 2020
Shift Happens
Shift Happens
27th February 2021
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New Coding Courses launch Nov 2020

Scratch Moving Backdrops Game Design
Thank you for your ongoing support through the lockdown and school closures, which has enabled us to keep our services active throughout this challenging season! 

Today we will introduce 3x new courses! 

Grades R-3 (incl. pre-readers).
We have implemented Kodable and will make a start with the world of Smeeborg. Learn to identify code as a language and how to apply algorithms to complete computational tasks.

Students use commands to write the correct code to move their fuzz through the Technomaze. Once this happens, the fuzz will roll onto the next lesson! Students are encouraged to try and collect all three stars.October 3, 2020
Grade & Course Concept Alignment
Kinder | Core Concepts: Introduction to code as language
1st Grade | Core Concepts: Algorithms and logic statements
2nd Grade | Core Concepts: Apply, Describe, Debug!
3rd Grade | Core Concepts: Algorithms with Multiple Coding Concepts

Watch | The video here (30 seconds)   

Grades 4-7 (Beginners)
For Grades 4+ we have implemented CodeHS and will make a start with the Introduction to Programming with Karel course. This course teaches students the basics of programming by giving commands to a computer just like you give commands to a dog.

Karel is a dog that lives in a grid world and can be instructed to move around and pick up and put down tennis balls. Students learn JavaScript commands, functions, and control structures by solving puzzles and writing creative programs for Karel to follow.

Edpuzzle-1Watch | Overview of CodeHS (72 seconds)   

Grades 4-7 (Intermediate)
Our own Scratch Moving Backdrops course is in full swing and students will soon be embarking upon their own Road Trip Game Design project, over the next few weeks.

road trip   

Grades R-9 Tynker Toolbox (Beginner – Advanced)
Our Tynker STEM Skills course has come to an end, as students recently completed the Tynker Toolbox series. Congratulations to students who managed to solve challenges like “The Debugger”.

Here’s one solution from Koos J (below).Koos J. - The DebuggerBe Internet Awesome – Internet Safety Month
We have been enjoying a new Google series for Internet Safety this month, entitled Be Internet Awesome, which we presented via an innovative Pear Deck platform that enabled students to interact with us, sharing their feedback by typing, drawing and using sliders.Pear Deck Presentation Session Student Scenario 505 Awesome-BadgeSign Up | Engaging, Interactive, Self-Guided, Supervised Lessons

Offline? Limited Internet? Mobile phone only?
Our lessons work on most devices, including mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets and on all operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX and Google ChromeOS (think Chromebook).

At the very least, all that is needed is a browser and an internet connection, but many of the activities can be done entirely offline, using apps that do not require a permanent internet connection (ie: less data).SchoolCoding Banner
Join the weekly Monday Meet
On Monday afternoons you get to join us for our weekly Monday Meet via the AMAZING SchoolCoding Google Classroom.
Grade R-9 from 4-4:30 PM (follow the link to join us)
NB: This is entirely optional, so don’t stress if you are unable to make it.
You are welcome to watch the video recording of the meeting afterwards.
We look forward to seeing you in Google Meet every Monday at 4pm.

Need Support?
Please reply to this email if you would like to know more, or complete this support request, providing us with as much information about your situation as possible, such as whether your students have access to devices, internet, lessons etc. Thank you and strength to you as you endure the challenges of this season! 

On behalf of Mauritz Kotzé
The SchoolCoding Team
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Aneen E. Welgemoed Primary
Hi Mauritz!!  Joshua gaan VERSEKER aan met klas!!! Hy love love love die werk ….en vir jou!!  Baie dankie vir al die omgee en harde werk hierdie kwartaal.

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