Webinar: Coding / Robotics / Drones

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Webinar: Coding / Robotics / Drones

Webinar: Coding/Robotics/Drones

We were excited to announce that Schoolscape hosted a webinar we will were featured in. The webinar was on;


What the DBE Says and 3 Companies That Can Help Make It Happen in Your School”. 

Presented by SCHOOLSCAPE

A WCED representative gave an update on the coding and robotics curriculum for schools, what the DBE has announced and what you could expect. SA SchoolCoding was featured as one of the industry-leading companies who presented on how we actively support schools to deliver their Coding and Robotics Curriculum.

It took place on the 14th of April at 3 PM but it is also available to watch on-demand.
If you would like to watch on-demand, you can request the link here.

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