Mauritz Kotze

31st January 2020

Schoolscape Premier 2020 – Meet the Top-Rated & Most Innovative School Suppliers in SA

Come meet the country’s best school suppliers at Schoolscape Premier 2020. Schoolscape Premier focuses on one thing: bringing the country’s top-rated and most innovative companies together under one roof. SchoolAdvisor have successfully hosted six Schoolscape events in the past two years, so, it’s exciting to see where this event is […]
26th November 2019

1,600 Suppliers – 2,800 Reviews. Now Meet the Top-Rated Company on SchoolAdvisor: My Cyberwall

To date, over 1,600 companies are listed on SchoolAdvisor and over 2,800 reviews have been submitted by schools around the country. So, being the top-rated company is quite a big deal. With that said, SchoolAdvisor is pleased to announce that the current top-rated supplier on SchoolAdvisor with 47 excellent reviews […]
8th October 2019

Why the Cloud Makes Life Simpler for Schools – How to Migrate

We can’t ignore the fact that the world is changing at a rapid pace. The methods of learning and teaching should be evolving in line with the technology we are being exposed to.  The cloud opens up so many avenues to technology in the most convenient time and in the […]
11th September 2019

3 Cybersecurity Threats South African Schools Need to Know

Technology is transforming the learning experience at an unprecedented rate. Educators are bringing new tools into the classroom to improve learning, while administrators are finding innovative ways to optimize and drive efficiencies. SchoolAdvisor chatted to Ashley Lawrence from SonicWall who highlighted three major cyber threats that could expose your school […]
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