10th May 2021

When will I be billed for SchoolCoding Clubs?

Subscriptions are billed to your card automatically, on the last day of the month, every three months. Billing Schedule: Jan | Apr | July | Oct NB: You do not need to make any manual payments, once you have subscribed. You may expect to be billed a pro-rata rate on […]
25th May 2020
Win a R50 Gif Voucher from Takalot

How does the Takealot Promotion work?

Win a R50 Takealot Gift Voucher when each and every one of your friends that you refer to us Signs Up for a subscription to our Online Coding Club. Simply ask them to enter your name when they purchase a subscription, in the "Who referred you?" field, on the Checkout page, as indicated below.
17th May 2020

How does the Trial work?

You will not be charged initially, however you will need to enter all your billing information. When the trial period ends, you will be billed for the subscription plan that you chose when you signed up. Please take note of the duration of the trial periods; Monthly Plans: One week […]
17th May 2020

How do I Sign Up?

Subscriptions are used to enable your access to our Online Coding Club. Sign Up PagePlease ensure that you start by clicking Sign Up to fill in each of your children’s details. You will be redirected to the Shop when you submit the form. Shop PageIn the Shop, under Duration, select […]
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