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After School Program (Grade 2 - 7)

Coding (programming) is telling a computer, app, phone or website what you want it to do. Some educators and experts are calling it the ‘new literacy’ a subject so important that every child needs to know the basics to excel in our rapidly changing world.

Learning To Code Develops Problem Solving And Computational Thinking Skills. The skills that come with computer programming help kids develop new ways of thinking and foster problem-solving techniques that can have big repercussions in other areas.

Learning to code prepares kids for the world we live in today. Today, computing is involved in almost all aspects of our lives, from communications and education to social media, banking, information, security and shopping. If learners are taught biology and mathematics in order to understand the world around them, then knowing the basics of how computers communicate—and how to engage with them—should be a given.

Coding Is Fun!Beyond the practical reasons for learning how to code, there’s the fact that creating a game or animation can be really fun for kids.

Available Options

SA SchoolCoding provides training for IT Teachers in order to present our material in their school's IT Lab. Weekly training or monthly training are provided. We design our programme around the specific needs of the school. Thus our mottoL "Your flavour, your school."

Emphasis is placed on Numeracy, problem-solving and critical thinking. Our lessons are designed with Bloom's taxonomy in mind. To some extent, the lesson material is also linked to CAPS.

For more details about our In-school programme, send an email to

Some schools have an existing IT programme for their students, offered during school time. Cami, Future Fun Caps, Readers are Leaders, Click a Mouse, etc.

Our programme could be offered at a school as part of the extramural programme. A dedicated IT Coach provides teaching and instruction after school hours. Students receive a one hour lesson per week. A school's IT Teacher may run this programme and receive remuneration.

For more details about our Extramural programme, send an email to

If your child's school does not make use of our programme and you wish for your child to participate, then our online platform was developed with you in mind.

From Grade 4 - 8, children may take part in our online programme. Weekly lessons are offered. It is a live session and your child may participate in an online group across South Africa. You may meet new friends in other provinces and engage with them.

We focus on coding games while acquiring new knowledge and skills. For more details about our Online programme, send an email to

Like Learning a Second Language ...

Learning to code is like learning a language, and like learning a second language it is best done young.

Over the next ten years...

...programming will be one of the fastest growing occupations. By estimation there will be:


Vacancies in Programming


Computer Science Graduates