2021 School Promo

SchoolNetwork Google Classroom
Coding lessons in your Google Classroom
28th July 2020
SchoolCoding lessons in your MS Teams
Coding lessons in your Microsoft Teams
28th July 2020
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2021 School Promo

Blended Learning

We know that you are dealing with a lot on a daily basis and want to remind you of our pledge to support you and your community through this most challenging season.

Train and equip your education team to work remotely effectively, delivering blended learning for each and every student.

Make a commitment to use our In-school Program in 2021 and we will provide GRATIS training and support for Microsoft Teams and/or Google Classroom, to facilitate blended learning for the remainder of 2021.

This will help us to keep our business in operation, while giving yours a much needed kick-start now.

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