Coding lessons in your Microsoft Teams

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Coding lessons in your Microsoft Teams

SchoolCoding lessons in your MS Teams
During the lock down and school closures, we transformed our classroom based extra-mural lessons into blended learning solution that works within any Microsoft Teams Education tenant.
Now you can share these lessons with your students, with auto-graded assignments, detailed reporting.
Quick and easy deployment is handled by our skilled team, with all implementation done via remote and/or online access, to ensure safety and maintain social distancing from your staff and students.
Keep your students coding, whether schools are physically open or closed.

Scratch and Python lessons in your Microsoft Teams
This is how our coding classes can be embedded into your Coding class MS Team.


Teacher Training included
We have even created a series of Microsoft Teams tutorials to ensure that your coding teachers are fully prepared and equipped to facilitate our lessons, simply, easily and practically, whether students are in class at school or learning remotely from home, no matter whether schools are open or closed.

Digital Literacy Skills (Teacher Training)

Offline? Limited Internet? Mobile phone only?
Our lessons work on most devices, including mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets and on all operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX and Google ChromeOS (think Chromebook). At the very least, all that is needed is a browser and an internet connection, but many of the activities can be done entirely offline, using apps that do not require a permanent internet connection (ie: less data).


Coding during the Coronavirus Pandemic
We recommend that you use the following courses for your learners;

  • CS Pre-reader Express (Code) [Grades R-1]
  • CS Fundamentals Express (Code) [Grades 2-9]
  • Coding with Scratch (EdPuzzle) [Grades 2-7]
  • Coding with Python IDLE (EdPuzzle) [Grades 4-7]
  • STEM Skills (Tynker) [Grades R-7]


Roadmap: Where are we going with Coding?
On our Roadmap for inclusion into our classes are Trinket and TinkerCAD, amongst other engaging and interactive coding platforms. Some of these lessons work especially well for learners with limited internet access, since the bulk of the work can be done offline (eg: Scratch, Python IDLE), while others require a decent internet connection for all the activities (eg:, Hopefully this will enable most of your learners to participate, even if they need to use another family members device to view the instructional videos.


No lesson repeated from Grade 1 to Grade 7?
We now have enough materials available in our SchoolCoding classes to keep your learners engaged for a full year of weekly lessons, and are actively developing this into a comprehensive K12 Coding Curriculum whereby no lesson will be repeated within a primary or secondary school cycle.


We are…

√ Experienced Teachers

√ Skilled Coding Educators

√ Reliable Service Providers

√ Google Certified Educators

√ Microsoft Certified Educators

√ Microsoft Innovation Educators

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