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  • It is so so so so so so so so so so so so so fun to code
    Jaime S.
    Eversdal Primary
  • SchoolCoding Clubs
    This was quite tricky but I enjoyed it. I had to use my brain!
    Greyson G.
    Welgemoed Primary
  • Other than schooling, they also have other online activities which require their attention, also via zoom and other platforms. It’s not possible to get to all these zoom meeting, and most of the time they just want to be left to their own devices or relax by reading a book. I’m sure you’ve heard all of this before as it is now the new norm. Thanks again. Micah is finding much joy out of coding and I think it’s somehow a blessing in disguise that this is also keeping his mind off what’s happening around us.
    Allison F.
    Pinelands North Primary
  • Ella
    SA SchoolCoding provides a superb Coding curriculum, designed by an educator - not a software developer or entrepreneur with no classroom experience or pedagogical knowledge. The program is also built on years of experience and is not a new Coding curriculum in its infant stages. It encourages creative and critical thinking while introducing the learners to Computer Programming in a fun and engaging way. The curriculum focuses on developing learners' Computational Thinking skills and an understanding of coding concepts, rather than focusing solely on writing lines of code and mastering syntax and semantics.
    Cindy G.
    Rondebosch Boys' Preparatory School
  • Working with Mauritz Kotzé and getting the support from him is amazing. Lesson plans are easily accessible and easy to learn from. This allows for teaching coding lessons and seeing the growth of the pupils. Scratch, Python and HTML coding games and teaching are fun.
    Martin A.
    Pinelands North Primary School
  • As an educator, I find the material easy to work with. The learners love it and are always excited to see the end product. I would highly recommend SA SchoolCoding. Their support system is outstanding and they are willing to help guide you. Keep up the great work!
    Andrea N.
    Rosebank Junior School
  • Dear Mr Grant

    My son Daniel has been attending coding with you at Eversdal – he is thoroughly enjoying it.

    Annelize L.
    Eversdal Primary
  • Ella
    Hi Mauritz!!
    Joshua gaan VERSEKER aan met klas!!! Hy love love love die werk ....en vir jou   !!
    Baie dankie vir al die omgee en harde werk hierdie kwartaal.💙
    Aneen E.
    Welgemoed Primary School
  • Tiaan spandeer ongelooflik baie tyd aan coding by die huis, en dit is lekker om te sien al die idees en programmetjies wat hy self probeer doen.  Julle doen ‘n fantastiese werk.  Baie dankie.

    Jeandré L.
    Eversdal Primary School
  • It is a really fun site where kids can code as much as they want.😁
    Marnel T.
    Eversdal Primary School
  • awesome
    Etienne E.
    Eversdal Primary School
  • Thank you sir, This was a really fun lesson. :)
    Hortense S.
    Welgemoed Primary School
  • I forgot to take a video of me playing the game and a screenshot of the final screen. I took a screenshot to show i completed the quest. It was very fun, and a I had to think about it hard!
    Greyson G.
    Welgemoed Primary School

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