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26th February 2021
Shuters Top Class Digital Skills Grades R-3 now available)
TOP CLASS Digital Skills Student Workbook (Grade 1)
28th February 2021
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TOP CLASS Digital Skills Student Workbook (Grade R)


Author Mauritz Kotzé
Hardcopy ISBN 9781485835882
Ebook ISBN 9781485836292

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Special Features:

  1. The learner’s workbook is built around fun activities and colourful illustrations to help learners acquire the skills and enjoy learning about computers.
  2. The little robot icon shares information and clues in order to do the activities.
  3. At the end of each term there is a revision page to consolidate and practice new terms and concepts – this helps to build subject vocabulary.
  4. A built-in computer dictionary with important computer terms and easy definitions.
  5. We have also included a picture of a keyboard on the inside back cover so that learners who don’t have access to computers can familiarise themselves with the keys.


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