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SchoolCoding Classes | Online, Better & Cheaper

Learn to Code - Python, Scratch, Greenfoot, TinkerCAD

Dear Students

We are thrilled that you have decided to join us and know that you are going to have LOTS of fun as you learn to code.

Here are the steps to follow to enroll for the first time…

1. Sign In to our Google Classroom

NB: Use your SchoolNetwork Google Account

Google Login

Continue with your new SchoolNetwork account
(NOT your personal email nor your parents email)

SchoolCoding Google Classroom New Student Enrollment

Click “I’m a Student”

SchoolCoding Google Classroom Pick a Role

You should see three classes when you sign in to the Google Classroom – something like this;

Join all your Classes
To Join a Class in, click on Accept.
This will enroll you into any class(s) that you have been invited to join.

Get Started & Guides
Once you have enrolled into each class, please review Get Started and Guides, which will help you understand how to use our new SchoolCoding Google Classroom, which will be unfamiliar for most of us at first.

SchoolCoding Google Classes Get Started and Guides

Monday Meets
We look forward to your participation, and have invited each of you via email to Meet via a Google Hangout, specific to each Class. The link to join the meeting is also clearly posted in the name of each class;

SchoolCoding Python Turtle Graphics Google Class showing Meet link

Here are the upcoming Meets;

… and at the top of the CLASSWORK page, as MEET;

SchoolCoding Scratch 2.0 Google Class showing Meet link

Google Calendar
You will also find other due dates and meeting info under
ClassworkGoogle Calendar;

SchoolCoding Google Calendar

We know that you will have LOTS of fun using all the AMAZING coding lessons that we have put collected and created especially for you.


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