About Us

About Us

At SA SchoolCoding, we’re all about bringing the world of coding and robotics to schools across South Africa. Imagine a place where learning isn’t just about textbooks but also about programming robots and creating cool stuff with technology.

That’s what we’re passionate about. Since 2017, we’ve been on a mission to make coding and robotics education accessible to every learner, from Grade R to Grade 7. We believe that by starting young, we can prepare kids for the digital future ahead. Our team, led by Mauritz KotzĂ©, works tirelessly to develop curriculum materials, train teachers, and support schools in integrating coding and robotics into their classrooms.

With over 30 schools already on board and more than 25,000 learners impacted, we’re proud of the work we’re doing to shape the next generation of digital citizens.

"First, solve the problem. Then, write the code."

~ John Johnson ~

We want every school to have the tools they need to help students become coding superstars.


To teach kids all about coding and robots, making learning fun and exciting!


Our Value

We offer a variety of coding courses while providing great prices. Get you next coding course now right here! Our solution is 100% aligned to the latest Coding and Robotics DBE Draft.

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