TOP CLASS Coding and Robotics Teacher’s Guide (Grade 6)


Author Mauritz Kotzé
Hardcopy ISBN 9781779921970


This Teacher’s Guide is part of the Shuters Top Class Coding and Robotics series, an up-to-date and easy to follow learning programme that is compatible with the Draft CAPS 2021 Version. This Teacher’s Guide helps you to teach coding and robotics so that your learners can get to grips with computing.

Written by subject experts, with over 15 years’ experience in teaching coding and robotics to South African learners, this series is educationally sound and filled with innovative content. There is a strong focus on introducing learners to both *Coding and *Robotics, preparing them for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

This Teacher’s Guide:

  • covers all the topics in the most recent curriculum framework
  • provides a set of lessons for the year
  • gives methodological guidance to the teacher on every unit and activity
  • provides answers to activities
  • has a simple, user-friendly design
  • includes helpful cross-references to the Learner Books/ Textbooks
  • contains instructional videos to showcase how to teach important topics.

This series also includes Workbooks, Learner Books/Textbooks and Teacher’s Guides in other grades.

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